Fashionably Late

Gilbert Amour
Name: Gilbert Amour
Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Class: Senior
Style Inspiration: My style inspiration comes from a wide variety of magazines, posters, websites, catalogues and people I pass by everyday.

Fashionably Late: Gilbert Amour

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Fashionably Late - TSU Trendsetters

Timeliness is of utmost regard in the world of business, but showing up looking the part is also essential. “Fashionably Late” looks to highlight the trendsetters of professional cool. Here you’ll find pics of those dawning the latest in professional fashion and styling it as only someone that is fashionably late can. Vote for your favorites NOW!


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On the Come UP @ TSU

Myah Lipscomb pic
See how Myah is on the come UP here at TSU.

Myah Naomi Lipscomb

On the Come UP

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Alum Love

Sheldon W
Class of 2012 – Boeing

TSU Graduate: Sheldon Welch

Alum Love

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Get Cultured

What is Get Cultured?

If career success was confined solely to inner office skills it would be far more attainable. Fortunately, for the countless workplace candidates, and of course water cooler conversation it's not. In "Get Cultured" you can alert and be alerted of events and activities happening around your city that will help you bring your most diverse "A" game to the table. Get Cultured is TSU's premier source to inform and become informed on cultural activity in the Nashville area. Read More

Red Cup Chronicles


Red Cup Chronicles

First impression management is real.

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